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Studio Services

Our wide variety of packages and services ensures a better value for the customer. Whether it’s recording, mixing, mastering, a radio spot, or full-blown album, we provide all the peripheral services needed to produce the most professional and consistent product in the country.

The Four Truths of Phat Buddha:

  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Podcasts


When looking to achieve the ultimate recording you must capture the best possible performance by the artist. This can only be achieved with a combination of quality Engineers, a quality recording Environment, quality recording Equipment, and of course quality Artists and Instruments. Phat Buddha offers the best Engineers, Equipment, and Environment the business has to offer. Whether you're in town for a night and need a place to record some overdubs or you are looking for a place to call home for a 6 month long project we can accommodate you with the highest quality possible.


After you have recorded the best possible performance it’s time to enter the Mixing Process. This is the process where the mixing engineer will go through every track and make sure it blends with every other track in the project in the desired way. Also, this is the time when engineers will add effects or add or remove other tracks to place emphasis on certain parts of the recording. Phat Buddha searched the world over for its mixing console and the search came to an end in New York City where the SSL6064 that Madonna mixed the world famous "Like A Virgin" on. Phat Buddha bought the console, had it shipped to Boston to be completely refurbished, and then shipped to its current residence in St Louis. There is no other board like this in the World and it's played a part on some of the most Monster Songs ever recorded. Call now to learn about how you can produce the next historical project from this board.


Mastering is the final creative step in the audio process where your tracks are optimized to commercial standards for clarity, definition and punch before being sent for manufacturing. Phat Buddha has experience mastering large projects or just that one song if you need to get something to the radio quickly. Our pricing is very reasonable and once you master at Phat Buddha you are sure to bring the rest of your work here.


Phat Buddha Productions offers many options for your podcast production. From something as simple as a live, unedited recording to full voice editing with music/commercials or guest callers, we can help make your podcast stand out with high quality sound and engineering.
We also have 3 different size rooms to accommodate any number of in-studio guests.
Are you a DIY podcaster? Rent our space as a freelance engineer and we can help you elevate your show by providing quiet, acoustically treated rooms and even better microphones for you to use on your own.
Give us a call or send us an email to tell us about your podcast and we can tell you how we can help!

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