Unleash the Power of Your Brand

Your vision for your brand is bigger than text on a page. Why settle for the written word when you can tell your story much clearer with sound, motion and graphics?

Video has changed the face of marketing and brands are cashing in. Turns out, video is good for a whole lot more than catching eyes on YouTube and flexing on your website. Video has many uses across your digital marketing strategy and is among the most valuable types of content you can create for your brand.

The Phat Buddha Vision department produces videos for business and brand marketing. We also shoot music videos, promo spots, and crowdfunding campaigns for recording artists, which helps keep our creative edge sharp. The key to our success is recognizing that what works for a band might not be right for your brand. The tools are the same, but the needs are very different. We understand the differences and have the skills to properly balance creative artistry and professionalism in our video productions.

Popular Types of Business Marketing Videos

Companies need different types of videos for different types of marketing goals. The videos you create for your brand should perfectly align the stories you have to tell with the information your customers want and need to know. What kinds of marketing videos could your brand use?


Showcase your products or processes and let your customers see what you’re capable of.


Spotlight your mission, vision, story, and identity.


Share highlights and key takeaways with an action reel or round table Q&A following an industry event, conference or trade show.


Host a Q&A with internal and external experts. A great way to highlight your team members and reinforce your processes.


Take your audience to school with class-length lessons or educational sessions. Can be produced for video or recorded live.


Help people understand your products and services better. Educate your buyers and tell your problem/solution/results story. A great way to repackage your written blog posts and sales content to reach a wider audience.


Potential customers aren’t the only ones who need to know how you do things. Teach your team how do their jobs the right way, right away with professionally produced employee training videos.


Simplify complex concepts with easy to understand graphics. Great for explaining processes, workflows, ideas, and hypothetical situations.


Tell a customer success story in a news-magazine profile style that’s proven to appeal to viewers.


Great for short worksite clips and showing off life around your shop or office. Get attention by being brave and “going live” on social media when you can interact with viewers in real-time.


What’s even more powerful than a success story? The same story told from the customer’s point of view. Let your happy customers speak about their experiences and the value you’ve delivered.


Those “guy in a truck sounding off” videos sure are popular. Capture the magic by sharing your thoughts with the camera straight-up. Great for hyping up “coming soon” projects, expressing gratitude, and sharing advice.


Great for showcasing physical items and spaces. Show before/after transformations and more in full picture view with this cool cutting-edge video production technology.


This newer video production technique combines overlay graphics and animations with the user’s own video camera feed to show how products, people and more would look in the live space.

Phat Buddha Vision: Video Production Packages for Brands Big & Small

Every brand has a unique story and unique needs, but there’s one thing everyone needs just the same: quality video. Luckily you don’t need a huge corporate budget to get it. You just need a professional production team like Phat Buddha Vision. We prioritize production quality in every project (direction, attractive lighting, clean and clear audio, camera work, music, graphic design, animation, and editing) to showcase the very best of your brand. We make you look good!

Phat Buddha Vision delivers content from concept to completion within a 15 to 20-day time period. During that time we’ll spend 3 hours writing the script for your story and plan and manage all the production. Clients may pick 2 locations of their choice and get a full 8-hour day of filming followed by a full 8-hour day of production and editing.

Our video packages are flexible to fit your needs:

  • 1 – 1-minute to 1.5 minute video – A great option for website or marketing campaign videos!
  • 3 – 15-second to 30-second videos – Perfect for video ads and social media video campaigns!
  • 10 Screenshots/Photos – Integrate the look and feel of your new videos across your website and marketing assets

Phat Buddha Business Video Gallery

We have all the capabilities, but are we any good at it? We’ll let you be the judge. Check out these examples of business videos we have produced for our clients.

Video Marketing Strategies

Phat Buddha Productions proudly partners with our sister company Blayzer Digital Marketing Group to offer strategic planning and video marketing fulfillment to our corporate video clients. We handle professional video production, they do video marketing, and we collaborate to keep everything aligned with your strategy.

Visit the Blayzer website to learn more about video marketing strategies, SEO, web development, online marketing and much more. Then get in touch through either site to start your project!