Phat Buddha Productions, the leading studio in Missouri, is proud to invite anyone 16 years of age or older to participate in our Sound Knowledge Recording Workshops. These comprehensive workshops allow students the chance to learn recording techniques that are used every day in a cutting edge, Real World studio from Real World audio engineers.

Learn signal flow, mic placement, the ins and outs of Pro Tools and various pro mixing techniques on industry standard equipment without having to spend enormous amounts of money at a University, Community College or Technical school.

We have been acknowledged by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) to be of a level one equivalent certification.

Workshops are broken into two parts. The first part of the Workshops students will sit with an instructor for One-On-One training. Once that training has been successfully absorbed by the student, we then move to the second part of our process which gives the student a chance to apply what they have learned in a REAL recording session with a REAL client.

In order to enroll students must come to the studio and make a 70% down payment. After the down payment is made, we will then schedule your first 1 hour One on One class sometime at least 2 weeks from when the payment was made. The remaining balance 30% balance will be due upon arrival to the first class. Classes run from 11am-12am Monday through Sunday.

Please call us to enroll now or if you have any questions

Sound Knowledge Rates
Beat Production…………..$5,500

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For a limited time if you refer a friend to Sound Knowledge, Phat Buddha will give you $150 for every workshop your friend enrolls in.


Get connected to the music industry by learning right here in our studios!

How would you like to learn audio engineering and music production in a recording studio that works with the likes of Nelly, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Black Eyed Peas and other major artists? Now you can! Thanks to a special partnership with The Recording Connection, Phat Buddha Productions is proud to offer you a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity: the chance to learn the recording business one-on-one from one of our experienced producers and engineers, right here in the studio!

Think about learning the ropes hands-on by helping out on real recording projects. Learning to record and mix tracks right from our console. Meeting and connecting with lots of industry professionals that can help your future career. If you’re serious about becoming a producer or engineer, we’re here to help! Best of all, you learn on-the-job, in the studio, NOT in a classroom—and you’ll pay about 75 percent LESS than if you enrolled in a college or trade school.


Yes it is—and here’s how. The Recording Connection Audio Institute is a fully accredited audio school that has endorsements from some of the biggest names in the music industry for its unique mentor-apprentice learning approach. Every student that enrolls in the program is placed as a working apprentice in a real recording studio and paired with a seasoned producer/engineer for personal, private instruction. The Recording Connection provides a structured curriculum; the studio provides the personal instruction and hands-on experience. For students who have the passion and work ethic to succeed, this program opens doors for them that no other school can offer. Recording Connection students are placed in top-shelf studios all over the world! Phat Buddha is proud to be the exclusive mentor studio for The Recording Connection here in St. Louis, MO.


Once you apply and are accepted into the program, you’ll attend classes about twice a week right here at Phat Buddha as a working apprentice. One of our experienced producer/engineers will become your personal mentor, guiding you through the curriculum and giving you hands-on experience in the studio. You’ll have homework, lab work, and real studio time to practice and hone your skills. You’ll learn Pro Tools and other software programs we use here at the studio; you’ll learn about signal flow, signal processing, microphone selection and placement, working with clients, tracking, mixing—basically everything you need to know about working in the studio. Halfway through the program, you’ll even get your own Mbox to keep! At the end of your six-month apprenticeship, you’ll be qualified to work in virtually any recording studio in the country—and because you’ve spent that time actually IN THE STUDIO, you’ll also have plenty of industry connections to help you get started.

And here’s the amazing part: this incredible opportunity costs a FRACTION of what you’d pay to study in a classroom at some college or trade school, where you wouldn’t have those connections.

We’ve been in this business awhile, and we can tell you that you won’t get the connections or the experience you need studying in some classroom. The best way to learn this business is right here in the studio. That’s why we believe in this program, and that’s why we partner with The Recording Connection to bring it to you!


If you’re ready to take the next steps toward becoming a music producer or audio engineer, we’re ready to bring you on board as an apprentice with Phat Buddha! Simply give us a call at the best way to do it is by getting into the studio and learning from us! If you’re ready to get started, give us a call at (314) 231-3930, or call The Recording Connection directly at 800-755-7597 and ask about becoming an apprentice at Phat Buddha Productions in St. Louis.